Galeria Kabaty

vsf-creative has designed the interiors for the forthcoming Galeria Kabaty in Warsaw.  Taking inspiration from both the adjacent natural park and the evolution of new retail in the UK and US, the concept targets a bright and quietly understated mall, giving precedence to the merchandising offer.

Subtle variation and intelligent lighting compliment the structure of the retail offer, leading to an integrated supermarket offering customers a traditional market street environment.  Customer comfort and navigation are key design features of the scheme, which aims to compliment and enrich the retail and service provision in Kabaty.

Intertwined with this is an innovative and exciting food offer.  Working with renowned specialists DesignLSM, the design leads customers through traditional cafe rest points and mature casual dining offers, to a lively and varied top floor food and entertainment zone.  Mixing enclosed restaurants with food bars, kiosks and pop-up opportunities, the offer extends onto an enclosed rooftop garden area, aimed at making Galeria Kabaty an unparalleled food and leisure destination for Warsaw.

More on this project is available here.