Saski Crescent Refurbishment
February 24, 2023
CAIMMO’s refurbishment and repositioning of Saski Crescent, in central Warsaw, has been designed by vsf-creative. As well as the building reception and common areas, the design covers an extensive show office, to illustrate the fit-out opportunities and standards in the building. The interior refreshment meshes with a wider refurbishment of the asset, to reflect the objectives of environmental responsibility and building wellness, which will be reflected in the repositioned asset’s accreditation. With this design, we have aimed to align the asset much more closely with hospitality, with common areas which reference boutique hotels and dark, moody club reading rooms. We have worked closely with the building owner to create a responsive, comfortable tactility, layered onto a more regimented and restrained palette of modularised panelling, to blend a warmth of welcome with a sharp and memorable modernity. We are especially pleased to have been able to introduce local artists, whose work has been incorporated into the permanent fabric of the building.